On Thursday, June 4 2020, Detective Jessica Galler of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit arrested 26-year-old David Saint Louis (DOB: 5/5/1994) after investigation revealed he sexually battered a 15-year-old female.

On Sunday, May 31, 2020, Saint Louis approached the victim at a Sunoco gas station on West Silver Springs Boulevard and identified himself as David. Saint Louis told the victim he was a chauffeur and offered her a ride. The victim accepted the ride, and Saint Louis told her he needed to drop his friend off first. After dropping off his passenger, Saint Louis told the victim he needed to pick some things up from his home in Marion Oaks. While driving towards Marion Oaks, Saint Louis asked the victim what grade she was in. When the victim told Saint Louis she was in the ninth grade, he told her he was 24-years-old. The suspect parked the vehicle behind a house and under trees, keeping the vehicle slightly hidden. Saint Louis then began touching the victim inappropriately. The victim told Saint Louis no, and Saint Louis then said “No one tells me no”. Saint Louis then sexually battered the victim. After sexually battering the victim, Saint Louis then dropped her off, gave her his phone number and told her to call him. A sexual assault examination of the victim corroborated the victim’s story.

Through various investigative techniques, Detective Galler identified David Saint Louis as a possible suspect. The victim was presented a photo lineup containing Saint Louis’ photo and the victim positively identified him as the person who sexually battered him.

On Thursday, June 4, 2020, Deputy Paul McClure located the suspect’s vehicle and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle, detaining the suspect. Deputy McClure transported the suspect to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Central Operations, where he was interviewed by Detective Galler and Detective Billy Burleson. Saint Louis claimed to have had consensual sex with the victim.

Saint Louis was arrested and charged with Sexual Battery and transported to the Marion County Jail, where he is awaiting his first appearance in court.

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