On Wednesday, September 9, 2020, Detective Pinder with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) arrested Yvonne Wilkerson (B/F, DOB: 10/22/1989) for Second Degree Murder without Premeditation.

On August 27, 2020, MCSO deputies responded to 11565 E Highway 25, Ocklawaha, Florida (Tall Pines Mobile Home Park) after Marion County Fire Rescue (MCFR) had discovered the 85-year-old victim, Jessie Blanding (B/M, DOB: 05/28/1935), deceased inside of his residence. Once deputies arrived on scene, they observed the victim with a wooden-handed hammer laying nearby and noted obvious blunt force trauma to the victim’s head and face.

Detective Pinder gathered information that Wilkerson had been living with the victim and the victim had not been seen for a couple days. Wilkerson was later located and arrested on another warrant. While already in custody, Wilkerson was interviewed about the murder of Blanding, at which time she recalled hitting the victim at least 3 times and advised Blanding was not fighting back and she did not know why she could not stop herself from striking him. Based on the statements made by Wilkerson, witness statements and evidence located at the crime scene, Detective Pinder charged Wilkerson with the murder of Jessie Blanding.
Wilkerson was charged while already in custody at the Marion County Jail and is being held without bond.

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