See Who Blew it this Weekend… DUI Arrests

These drivers made the wrong decision this weekend. They got behind the wheel after they had been drinking. Please use better judgement than them!

Deputy Zezuski noticed an erratic driving pattern and stopped a vehicle on SE 147th Place. The driver, Taramia Bentley-Carrol, immediately exited the vehicle and attempted to walk away. She ultimately failed to correctly perform sobriety exercises and was arrested for DUI and transported to the Gold Star Hotel.

Deputy West stopped a vehicle on S Highway 441 for suspicion of DUI. He made contact with the driver, Sammi Crumby, an noticed signs of impairment. Crumby could not correctly perform sobriety exercises, so she was arrested and taken to the Gold Star Hotel. She provided a breath sample of .164.

K9 Deputy Esquivel pulled over a vehicle on Abshier Boulevard after it was involved in a hit and run. The driver, Joshua Horst, was suspected to be under the influence and sobriety exercises were conducted. Horst was placed under arrest for DUI, charged accordingly for the hit and run and methamphetamine was found in his vehicle. He was nearly twice the legal limit.

Deputy Young conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for speeding on E Highway 316. He made contact with the driver, Jack Johnson, and could smell alcohol coming from the vehicle. Johnson was asked to perform sobriety exercises, but he refused so he was arrested for DUI. At the jail, Johnson also refused a breath test.

A traffic stop was conducted on a red Ford SUV for driving recklessly on County Road 25. Harvie Mancil was driving the vehicle and he showed indicators of alcohol impairment. At the end of a DUI investigation, Deputy Zezuski arrested Mancil and transported him to the Gold Star Hotel, where he refused to provide a breath sample.

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