Ocala Police Department

Safeguarding Ocala’s Community with Integrity and Dedication

The Ocala Police Department (OPD) in Ocala, Florida, serves as a cornerstone in the community, dedicated to maintaining public safety, upholding the law, and fostering positive relationships with residents. With a commitment to professionalism and community engagement, the OPD plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being of Ocala’s diverse population.

Mission and Values:

The mission of the Ocala Police Department is to enhance the quality of life for Ocala residents by providing effective and community-oriented law enforcement services. The department is guided by core values that include integrity, professionalism, accountability, and a commitment to building strong relationships with the community.


The Ocala Police Department offers a wide range of services to the community, including:

  1. Patrol Services: Ensuring a visible and responsive presence to address emergencies and maintain public order.
  2. Criminal Investigations: Conducting thorough investigations to bring perpetrators to justice and solve crimes.
  3. Community Policing: Engaging with residents through community events, neighborhood watch programs, and proactive outreach.
  4. Specialized Units: Utilizing specialized units such as SWAT, K-9, and traffic enforcement to address specific law enforcement needs.


The Ocala Police Department is led by experienced and dedicated leaders committed to the department’s mission and values. The Chief of Police, Mike Balken, along with appointed executives and supervisors, collaboratively guides the department in its efforts to serve the community.

Contact Information:

For individuals seeking information or assistance from the Ocala Police Department, the following contact details can be referenced:

Residents are encouraged to use the non-emergency phone number for general inquiries or to report incidents that do not require immediate attention.

Community Outreach:

The Ocala Police Department actively engages with the community through various initiatives, including community forums, educational programs, and partnerships with local organizations. This commitment to community outreach fosters trust and collaboration, strengthening the bond between law enforcement and residents.

Crime Prevention:

In addition to responding to incidents, the Ocala Police Department places a strong emphasis on crime prevention. Public awareness campaigns, educational resources, and neighborhood watch programs empower residents to actively participate in keeping their communities safe.


The Ocala Police Department stands as a dedicated guardian of public safety in Ocala, Florida. With a commitment to professionalism, community engagement, and crime prevention, the department continues to play a vital role in creating a secure and thriving community. For further information or assistance, individuals are encouraged to reach out to the Ocala Police Department using the provided contact details.